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Business Insurance Quotes

business insurance quotes

ACI Broking work with you to analyse the operations of your business and expose the risks involved. We optimise insurance plans to match your structure and fit within your budget.

ACI Broking provides the following risk management and business insurance solutions:

  • Business Packs (Retail, Office and Trade)
  • Industrial Special Risks
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Personal Accident
  • Contractors, Plant and Machinery
  • Business Interruption

For the best insurance advice, contact ACI Broking!

ACI Broking manages your claims at no extra cost, giving you time and financial freedom to focus on the development of your business.

From small start-up companies to large international organisations, ACI Broking will tailor insurance packages to meet your specific needs.

Don't get caught with the wrong insurance. Trust the insurance experts.

Enquire online here. We provide detailed business insurance quotes which you can review before making a decision.

Risk Management

Consolidated Risk Management (CRM) determines the threats and strengths of all ACI clients.

CRM allows us to assess the operation and structure of your business, to identify the industrial hazards and day-to-day risks which you are exposed.

We then create a detailed analysis, giving scope to the entire situation and match the most effective insurance solutions with your particular requirements.

Insurance Premium Financing

Tasman Premium Funding (TPF) provides convenient financial solutions to clients' cash flow needs, by way of premium funding or pay by the month plans. TPF increases profitability and cash flow on behalf of all ACI Broking clients.

We have been assisting the resource sector for 25 years

ACI Broking provides accurate business insurance solutions and risk management to global industries involved with excavation, construction, corporate & speciality (Associations and Multiple Member Groups) and energy & resource.

ACI Broking applies proven methods for identifying and applying cost-effective insurance schemes at every stage of the mining cycle, including:

  • Exploration
  • Project Evaluation/Feasibility
  • Construction
  • Operations
  • Rehabilitation

Not-For-Profit (NFP) Organisations

Placing insurance for NFP organisations is time consuming and creates large financial burdens if not submitted and managed correctly.

ACI Broking has comprehensive insurance solutions available, specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of NFP organisations.

Enquire online now. We can provide you with a business insurance quote, to assist you in making the right decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I work for a small, family owned business, so we don't need the same insurance plans as large organisations. Can ACIB provide me with general business insurance solutions to suit our structure?

    ACI Broking cater for all types of structures and can provide tailored and general business insurance solutions to suit any business, no matter what size.

    We have high-calibre professionals with experience from a range of back-grounds, including small and large businesses, not for profit, corporate and personal insurance.

    ACIB recognise that there is not one solution for every business, which is why we dedicate time to research your structure, clients, employees and operation, to ensure that we provide the most accurate insurance solutions.

    We can provide general business insurance advice and support for any business located in Australia or New Zealand, from industries including construction, retail, printing, rural, motor trades, recruitment, woodworkers and mining & resources, however big or small.

  • I'm not sure my company can afford insurance during these difficult times. Can ACI Broking provide me with business insurance quotes before I enrol their help, so that I can be assured it will profit us in the long-term?

    ACIB offer a wide range of business insurance schemes, which they can tailor to suit the needs of both small and large organisations.

    ACIB can provide you with business insurance quotes which you can incorporate into your budget and determine the long-term benefits.

    Speak with one of our professional advisors, on a scheme to suit your business, and we will provide you with business insurance quotes to suit your budget.

  • My company have many international clients, can ACIB provide me with international insurance support, or do you only specialise in business insurance Australia-wide?

    ACIB understand that international presence is important and have established links with recognised brokers from around the world, providing global support for business insurance.

    Australian businesses wishing to expand their reach across Europe will be welcomed by our accredited partner, Lloyd's Broking Company, who have an established client base in London and can provide you with risk management and insurance solutions to suit their economic climate.

    ACIB also have strong, working relationships with "like-minded" insurance brokers throughout the Asia-Pacific region, who can provide you with quality business insurance.

    Australian businesses should be given the freedom to reach global markets as they grow, and ACI Broking can ensure that they have the insurance to back them.

  • I am based in Northern Territory, and require assistance with business insurance. Can you provide me with the support I need without us having to come to you?

    Yes we can! Contact one of our consultants by phone or email, to find out how we can help you.

    ACIB have a range of communication methods to ensure that you are provided with business insurance support you need.

    This ensures that individuals and small businesses can receive the same business insurance advice from anywhere in the world.

For the best insurance advice, contact ACI Broking!