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ACI Broking does not pigeon-hole services or tailor packages to favour specific areas or industries; we aim to provide accurate and reliable solutions to suit every situation, business structure, environment and industry sector.

We offer a large suite of insurance solutions which we adapt to your specific needs. One of our professional consultants will work with you to identify areas of your business and personal life which may be exposed and ensure that you are protected.

ACI Brokers provides many products and services under eight key areas:

  • Domestic

    Including home and contents, family, motor, recreational vehicle and craft, pets, sports and travel insurance.

  • Specialty

    For clients who require additional coverage, including vintage motor, travel, special events and personal indemnity.

  • Not For Profit

    The NFP sector requires extensive coverage to ensure that the individual or organisation is protected against any liabilities which it may be exposed to.

  • Corporate

    ACI has decades of experience handling the insurance needs of international corporate clients. Our advice and support will protect you against any risk associated with your industry. Our corporate insurance packages cover motor, liability, marine and casualty.

  • Commercial SME

    Our client-base consists primarily of small to medium commercial enterprises and ACI have developed a reputation for providing dependable insurance advice. We can tailor an insurance package to suit the environment which you operate.

  • Risk Management

    Consolidated Risk Management (CRM) is conducted to assist all clients and identify key areas of exposure. ACI provide a detailed analysis of the structure and operations of your organisation and construct insurance packages to suit your specific needs.

  • Premium Finance

    ACI can increase client profitability and cash-flow through privileged premium funding. ACI’s New Zealand branch, Tasman Premium Funding, provides monthly payment methods to all ACI clients.

  • Claims Management

    Claims processes can be stressful and costly if they are not dealt with aptly. ACI provides claims assistance and mitigation to all individuals and organisations to ensure that claims are processed in a fair and professional manner.

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