Commercial SME

ACI provide business insurance packs, tailored to your particular commercial operation, environment and structure. Business packs can be tailored to suit retail, office and trade establishments.

ACI’s primary markets are small to medium enterprises, more commonly involved with the agricultural, mining and building & construction sectors. We have been heavily involved with the development and financial growth of these industries for more than 25 years, and have built a solid reputation as one of the most dependable insurance advisors for Australian and New Zealand commercial businesses.

We have years of experience dealing with SME’s and our industry knowledge ensures that you will receive accurate and reliable advice in any situation. Our dedicated team strive to deliver the best coverage for your business and ensure that you are protected against all industry hazards.

ACI can advise and support commercial businesses in the following key areas:

  • Motor

    Commercial motor insurance is required whenever a vehicle or craft is used for business purposes. Mechanically, there are many risks involved with operating motor vehicles and particularly when being operated by a person. Commercial motor insurance is required for organisations operating ambulances, buses & coaches, fire brigade vehicles, forklifts, carriers, hire vehicles, prime movers and farm motors.

    Fleet operators should contact ACI for assistance with vehicle and operator protection. ACI have many clients who require comprehensive commercial fleet insurance and we can advise you on the most applicable and affordable insurance solutions.

  • Business

    Wherever there is potential for commercial growth, there is potential risk of external and internal forces causing problems, which you must be covered for. Business insurance can protect you and your business from liability, burglary, corporate travel, defamation indemnity, professional indemnity, employee dishonesty, electronic equipment, environmental risks, equipment, machinery & vehicle loss or damage, accident, illness and casualty.

  • Farm

    Protects businesses against all equipment, machines & vehicle loss and damage and packages can be tailored to protect both livestock and crop.

  • Construction

    Construction insurance will protect commercial businesses from architect’s indemnity, builder’s warranty, contract work, home warranty, vehicles & machinery and mobile plant & equipment.

  • Marine

    Commercial businesses which operate on national and international water will need to consider marine insurance. Those companies operating around our coast may need to consider international policies and ensure that they are covered. ACI can advise you on the risks which you are exposed to and ensure that you, your employees and the organisation are protected. Marine insurance deals with the following areas; cargo, transit, motor cruisers & yachts, carriers liability, fishing vessels, imports/exports, marina operation, marine hulls, ship repairs and marine liability.

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