Premium Finance

ACI Brokers’ New Zealand partner, Tasman Premium Finance (TPF), control and manage insurance premium financing for all ACI clients, delivering increased profitability and cash-flow for all associated groups.

TPF sources funds by acting as a mediator between external premium funding companies, setting their insurance premiums, by utilising their own or borrowed funds.

Centralising this essential service within the group provides:

  • Greater control over the group’s premium funding activities and results
  • Increased negotiating power with external funding companies, resulting in a larger share of profit when acting as intermediary
  • The vehicle needed to establish and manage an ‘in-house’ facility using borrowed and own/group funds.

This opportunity will become more profitable for associated groups as ACI’s client-base continues to expand internationally.

Advantages of accurate Premium Funding

Rather than having to pay annual premium fees upfront, Tasman’s premium funding service provides ACI clients with an option of payment. Advantages of this service include:

  • Clients can opt to spread their annual insurance costs over monthly instalments, similar to rent or leasing costs;
  • They free up working capital to reinvest back into their business at a higher return than it costs them to fund;
  • No security is required and borrowing capacity with financial institutions is not diminished.

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